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This is an intermediate vocational training course from the Hotel and Catering professional family.

The general skills learned on this course are the presentation, preparation and serving of food and beverages, as well as customer care in the catering industry, following the quality and hygiene standards, hazard prevention measures and environmental protection.

You will be able to work in small, medium and large companies, mainly in the catering sector, although you can also work as a freelancer in small catering businesses. You will work in productive sectors and subsectors. This job is meant for productive and service delivery sectors and subsectors where food pre-processing and preparing is required, as well as food and drink serving. This would basically be the catering sector.



  • Control over supplies of raw materials, 99 hours
  • Bar-cafeteria service procedures, 198 hours
  • Restaurant service procedures, 264 hours
  • Quality management and food safety and hygiene, 66 hours
  • Business management and sales in catering, 99 hours
  • English, 165 hours
  • Training and career guidance, 99 hours



  • Sommeliers, 100 hours
  • Planning and management of catering services and events, 180 hours
  • Gastronomy and nutrition, 60 hours
  • Human resources and catering team management, 80 hours
  • Second foreign language (French), 120 hours
  • Kitchen management project, 50 hours
  • Business and entrepreneurial initiatives, 60 hours
  • Training in work centres, 340 hours