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Since its foundation, Leioa Catering School ‘s mission has been to guarantee  our clients  an organisation committed to a continual improvement by means of  a staff of highly qualified teachers  along with a theoretical and practical formation based on our wide experience in the food industry and a controlled management scheme focused on our students’ satisfaction.

Among our main hallmarks is the practical work-based approach our students undertake in our three dining rooms and cafeteria in the School facilities.

Our customers’ satisfaction is a goal to be accomplished by providing them with a quality service focused on a varied gastronomic offer, a polite and friendly service as well as the hygienic-sanitary safety requirements   of our finished products.

Furthermore, the School Management has embraced the concept of environmental protection as a new entrepreneurial objective, being fully aware of the environmental impact caused by every business activity.

The environmental protection is based on four core principles:

- Prevention of the effects of our activities and services on the Environment by collaborating to achieve sustainable development.

- Guarantee an efficient environmental protection by disposing of the best economically feasible and available technologies as well as the nature of our environmental activities.

- Transparency in the environmental management.

- Involvement of all School staff.

 Leioa Catering School considers that the following points are to be undertaken so as to guarantee an efficient and quality environmental management:

Environmental issues

We consider the reduction of our environmental impact generated as a consequence of the energetic consumption, collection and discharges of water and organic waste as our main task in our policy for the protection of the environment.


Leioa Catering School is committed to the fulfilment of the current legal requirements in education, the catering sector, labour risks prevention and environmental protection which regulate our activities and service.


We have implemented a self-control sanitary system based on the APPCC system of analysis of hazards and   critical points of control as an efficient strategy to guarantee the hygienic-sanitary quality of our products.

Continual improvement

Leioa Catering School controls the situation of its integrated management system by means of internal audits, Management reviews, and customers’ feedback by implementing improvements continuously.

Our commitment towards the prevention of pollution is aimed at obtaining more sustainable growth. In order to attain such, we are making a more moderate use of energy and water and place great emphasis on managing a more ecologically end of the waste generated.

Formation and awareness

Leioa Catering School informs their staff and makes them aware of the overall quality and environmental issues connected to our activities and motivates their workers to show a committed attitude in their workplace towards the implemented quality and environmental systems.

Outside information

Leioa Catering School requires the fulfilment of environmental awareness from their providers and outsourcing companies. It also provides those who may be interested with relevant information about our efforts to improve the environmental protection.



The School Management establishes the necessary measures to guarantee an integrated quality and environmental system:

- It is communicated to all areas within the company.

- It is understood.

- It is applied.

- It is revised and updated.

The Management commits itself to provide the required material and human resources to succeed in the School Strategic Policy in accordance with the real economic possibilities. The School also agrees to:

- Elaborate safe products for the consumers by making use of all the necessary human and economic resources.

- Work under the principles established in the Codex Alimentarius, which are detailed in the self-control sanitary system of the company.

- Meet the legal requirements regarding its products to guarantee food safety.

The final result is to guarantee the achievement of the following objectives:

- Ensure our customers’ satisfaction and other interested parties.

- Ensure the safety of our products.

- Ensure the satisfaction of all those who work at the School.

- Ensure an efficient Environmental Protection.