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Our main hallmark is the practical work-based approach our students undertake in our three dining rooms and cafeteria in the School facilities. Our customers’ satisfaction is a goal to be accomplished within our educational system because we consider quality training is closely linked to  customer service.  

Our service is based on a varied gastronomic offer, a polite and friendly service as well as the hygienic-sanitary safety requirements   of our finished products. We  have self-monitoring healthcare based on the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system , an effective method  to ensure the hygienic-sanitary quality of our products.

The leadership team, being fully aware of the environmental impact which may be  caused by the school, has embraced the concept of environmental protection based on three core principles:

1. The  Prevention of the effects of our activities and services on the Environment by collaborating to achieve sustainable development.

2. The fulfillment of  the current  legal requirements in education, catering, prevention of risks at work and environmental protection.

3. To guarantee  our students get the skills that will allow them ensure their future actions in the production sector have as little environmental impact as possible.

To ensure the commitment of the previously mentioned  goals, the school has a management system focused on the students, staff and customers´satisfaction in the service given daily and it also has an organization team engaged with the continuous improvement

The leader team acquires the commitment to provide the material and human resources necessary to carry out the strategic policy  of the school in keeping with its economic possibilities.