This is a Higher Level vocational training course from the Hotel and Catering professional family.

The general skills acquired in this course consist in leading and organizing the production and service in the kitchen, determining offers and resources, controlling the supplies, production and service, following the budget and the quality, hygiene, hazard prevention, and environmental protection standards.

You will be able to work in small, medium and large companies, mainly in the catering sector, and even as both the owner and kitchen chef in small businesses. People with this course usually work in the private sector, but you are able to work in public establishments, mainly on the education, social service or health sector. When they do not work as freelancers, they  work under the supervision of  the directors of the business, whether in  a hotel or any other kind of lodging or catering business.




  • Controlling supplies of raw materials. 99 hours.
  • Pre-processing and conservation processes in the kitchen. 198 hours.
  • Cooking processes. 264 hours.
  • Quality and Food Safety Management. 66 hours.
  • Administration and business management in catering. 99 hours.
  • English. 165 hours.
  • Training and career guidance (option in English). 99 hours.



  • Pastries and desserts in cooking (option in English). 200 hours.
  • Kitchen production management. 200 hours.
  • Gastronomy and nutrition. 60 hours.
  • Human resources and team management in catering. 80 hours.
  • Kitchen management project. 50 hours.
  • Business and entrepreneurship. 60 hours.
  • Training in work centres. 360 hours.