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Professional certificates are tools used to officially recognise professional qualifications in the labour Administration field.

These are official certificates valid in the Spanish state  which certify the set of professional competences required for the development of working practices.

Professional certificates are organised in blocks called formative modules, which enables the Educational Administration to establish a personalised formative itinerary as well as the convalidation of Units of Competence which coincide with the Vocational Training certificates so as to obtain an official Vocational Training certificate.

In October 2018 an agreement was signed between Lanbide (Employment Service from the Basque Government) and the Basque Department of Education to jointly work on the elaboration of the 2018-2019 Formation Syllabus addressed to unemployed and employed workers in the Basque Country Autonomous Community.

Leioa Catering School offers free formation courses to obtain those professional certificates regulated by RD 34/2008, later modified by RD 189/2013 and the ESS/1897/2013 order.

Holding a professional certificate means without a doubt an  improvement in a professional curriculum vitae since it is an official formation which will be  useful not only for Public Administration selection processes but also in the private sector.

For any further information...

Please do not hesitate to contact us at lanbide@hostelerialeioa.net