Our main hallmark is the practical work-based approach we have in the campus of Leioa.



We work to set new standards in the catering and food industry education with the aim of meeting the sector's needs by following our education model. That is why we are updating our resources and reinforcing our commitment to research, development and innovation.



Active participation from all the school  community members in management.

Developing diversity care through integration, equality and respect for pluralism.

Developing students’ personality and offering them well-rounded training, by encouraging a critical attitude, a liable individual effort, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Teaching hygiene and safety standards in the educational environment and potential occupational hazards prevention.

Fostering a quality culture among all members of the school community through active research and life-long learning.

Encouraging a culture of environmental awareness, controlling the effects of our activity on the environment and collaborating to achieve sustainable development.

Encouraging and respecting linguistic plurality.