Our high-quality policy guarantees the benefits of an organisation committed to continuous improvement, with highly-qualified teachers who provide practical and theory training based on their experience in the food sector and a controlled management system focused on customer satisfaction as well as commitment to environmental protection. 

In line with our continuous improvement policy, Leioa Catering School controls the status of its integrated management system. Likewise, its commitment to environmental protection seeks to achieve a more sustainable development. To do this, we make careful use of water and energy and give great importance to achieving the most environmentally-friendly waste management standards.

In 2011, Leioa Catering School  committed to the Agenda 21 project ,which is run  by the Hygiene and Safety Department.

Some of the objectives of this project were raising awareness and students’ involvement and participation in different tasks, as well as creating and maintaining a blog where all our project-  related activities and seminars can be gathered.

Agenda 21 Blog

Access to the Agenda 21 blog by clicking here.